Regimen Management Changes Announcement

August 29, 2016

Good morning:

We are writing to update you regarding changes in the leadership of Regimen Equity Partners. Cooper Seeman and Gerry Bellerive, who have been instrumental in growing the fund to a $40-million capital base and three investments with more than $150 million in annual revenue, will continue in their leadership roles at Regimen Equity Partners.

To enable James Livingstone to focus on leading Regimen Capital Partners, he has withdrawn from the General Partner of Regimen Equity Partners. James remains supportive of Regimen Equity Partners and will maintain his investment position in Regimen Equity Partners LP.

At Regimen Equity Partners, we continue to invest in strong growth companies. We have significant capital on-hand that we are looking to deploy in new opportunities across Canada in the near future. At the same time, we plan to raise additional funds to add to our capital base for future investment.

Please click here to find the announcement we delivered to our investors regarding the transition in our leadership. If you have any questions about this news, please contact us. We'd be pleased to talk to you, or answer your emails.

We value our partnership with you, and appreciate that you keep us top-of-mind when investment opportunities arise. Going forward, please contact Gerry (contact information below) and Paul Shaw at Regimen for all investment opportunities. Paul can be reached at or 780-862-9651.

At Regimen Equity Partners, we look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Cooper Seeman                                              Gerry Bellerive
Regimen Equity Partners                               Regimen Equity Partners          

778-379-1000, Ext. 103                               778-379-1000, Ext. 104

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